Learn how to apply for a Canada study permit on your own through our easy, step-by-step process. Avoid mistakes that can result in a refusal without paying huge fees to a lawyer or consultant! 
Study in Canada! Learn how to apply for your study permit on your own with our easy step by step process.

The Canada Study Permit Step-By-Step Program

Are you interested in studying at a Canadian College or University?
Have you been accepted to a University or College in Canada?
Are you thinking about building a new future by studying, working, and possibly settling in Canada?
Do you want to immigrate to Canada but you need to study and work in Canada first?

You have found the perfect resource to guide you on how to apply for a Canadian study permit!

Our Canada Study Permit Step-By-Step Program
Our easy to follow, step-by-step process will teach you everything you need to know about applying for a study permit and guide you through the entire process. Best of all, you can avoid paying huge lawyer or immigration consultant fees. This program will teach you how to build the best possible application to maximize your chance for success, and how to avoid making the most common mistakes that can result in a refusal of your study permit application.
Full Representation by a Lawyer or Immigration Consultant
Our firm offers full representation of clients for study permit and immigration applications through our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). We recommend full representation for the best results. However, the cost can be high for many students. Lawyer fees can run into the thousands of dollars even for a simple application, and many immigration consultants can also be very expensive. So we have created this very special program especially for students who want to put together the best possible study permit application and maximize their chance of success, without paying huge lawyer or immigration consultant fees!
Don't go it alone!
The Canadian government has made the process of applying for study permits to be seemingly very simple. It can be done almost completely online. There are guides and lots of information provided online to help applicants. Also, there are many, many discussion forums where people talk about Canadian immigration and study permits. So why don't you just do it on your own?

While the process is technically simple, how you put together and present your application can mean the difference between an approval and a refusal. A refusal can impact your future chances at getting a visa to Canada and possibly other countries as well. It can also destroy your dream of studying in Canada. Just because you received admission to a Canadian college or university does not mean that you will be able to study in Canada. You must successfully get a study permit, no matter how prestigious the university or program, or whether you received a scholarship or not.

The guides available online may explain the application process and tell you what documents are needed. But they don't give you tips and tricks to help you succeed in your study permit application, and they don't tell you about the common mistakes that students are making every day in their study permit applications. The discussion forums online can sometimes cause more damage than help, because the information is often outdated or simply wrong. 

Don't risk your dream of studying in Canada!

Why you need our Canada Study Permit Step-By-Step Program
We know that many students cannot afford our full representation fees. At the same time, we want to offer a service to help these students get their study permit applications approved. So we put together this very special program that to save students more than 50% on the cost, while giving them all the information, guidance and tools needed to put together the best possible study permit application.
Our step-by-step program includes:
  • All materials have been developed by our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)
  • A 30 minute consultation with our RCIC to discuss your specific situation. You can take advantage of this call at the beginning to help you understand the entire process, or after you have reviewed the other included materials to answer any specific questions you have.
  • A 30 minute recorded video. This video discusses studying in Canada, the application process, and explains how to use the materials and resources provided in this program.
  • An E-Book on Studying in Canada. The e-book describes the post-graduate system in Canada, gives an overview of some institutions and programs, discusses the regions and provinces, how to select a school and gain admission, the general study permit process, what documents are required, recommended timelines, and links to key resources and helpful information.  
  • Step-by-step study permit application guide. This guide is focused specifically on the study permit application process, and takes you through it step-by-step, while providing tips on how to put together the best possible study permit application to maximize your chances of success, as well as common mistakes to avoid.
  • Letter of Explanation Template. This template gives you a starting point on putting together your letter of explanation, which you can customize according to your specific situation and circumstances.
  • Study Permit Application Checklist. This easy to use and understand checklist will help you to make sure that you have not forgotten anything while preparing your study permit application.
  • 50% discount on the regular hourly consultation rate with our RCIC if additional help is required at any point with the study permit application.​

This is the perfect resource to guide you in your study permit application!

But I have already received admission to a prestigious program, and I even got a scholarship! Do I really need to work that hard on my study permit application?
Yes, yes, and yes! Many students have come to us after getting a refusal, even though they have been accepted to top programs and schools or received full scholarships. These students usually take the study permit application for granted and assume that they will automatically be approved. Unfortunately, that is not true. There are very specific requirements in order to get a study permit. The burden is on the student to put together a complete study permit application that explains why they are eligible for a study permit. A refusal can impact future visa application in Canada and globally. Also, the delay caused by receiving a refusal and trying to recover from causes many students to miss the start date of their program. It is really not worth the risk. Our program will help you appreciate the study permit application process, what is needed, and how to maximize your chances of success?
Am I guaranteed to get a study permit approval if I purchase this guide? Can I get a refund if I get a refusal?
Of course not. Anyone who offers a guarantee on getting a study permit approval is simply a scammer. Only the government of Canada can make decisions on study permit applications. So it is not within our power or ability to guarantee a successful result, even for clients that hire us to fully represent them and apply on their behalf. In fact, it is unethical to do so. We are also not allowed by our professional regulations to guarantee a successful result or to offer payment on the basis of success, which makes refunds problematic. We are paid for the work we do, and not for the result you get. However, our RCIC is available to everyone who purchases our program to ensure they are fully satisfied and happy with the service they receive. Additional hourly consultation with our RCIC is also available at a 50% discount to buyers of our step-by-step study permit application guide.

Don't hesitate - buy the program today!
​Invest in yourself and in your future!

Don't Forget, Our Unique Program Includes:
  • 30 minute consultation with our RCIC at no additional cost!
  • 30 minute recorded video giving you an overview about the program.
  • E-Book on Studying in Canada.  
  • Step-by-step study permit application guide.
  • Letter of Explanation Template.
  • Study Permit Application Checklist.
  • 50% discount on RCIC hourly rate (if additional help is needed)

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Would you prefer more personalized one-on-one help with your study permit application?
We are always available to fully represent you for your study permit or other immigration applications to Canada. This will cost more than the program presented above, but we will fully be with you every step of the way. We will submit the application on your behalf and monitor it until a final decision is received. If you are interested in full representation, please contact us today and let's discuss your case.