The Global Case Management System (GCMS)  is the internal system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to manage citizenship and immigration applications including visit visas and study permits. GCMS is used to store information about each application submitted to the IRCC. The system is also used by officers to store their comments on each application. 


The GCMS notes are not helpful when an application is approved. However, in situations where an application is rejected, or when an application has exceeded the expected timeline for processing, obtaining the GCMS notes can provide insights into what is happening with the application. While the IRCC cites the grounds for rejection in a letter send to applicants whose application has been rejected, these are often template statements that do not give specific insights into the particular application. The GCMS notes, on the other hand, are specific to the circumstances of the case. If an application is delayed in processing, the notes can also be helpful to give insights into whether processing has begun, if any issues were encountered, or if any information in the application is incorrect or incomplete.


If you have a visa application that has been rejected, you can usually submit a new application addressing the grounds of rejection. In many cases, an application may be approved on a second or third attempt, after the applicant has provided additional information and supporting documents to address any issues identified by the officer in rejecting previous applications. However, the grounds for rejection cited in the rejection letters sent by the IRCC are often vague. They are template statements that are used for all application rejections, and are therefore not specific to the circumstances of each case. Without understanding exactly why the application is rejected, it becomes very difficult or impossible to respond to the rejection and to provide additional documents to address any concerns. This is where the GCMS notes can be helpful, as they can provide specific insights into the thinking of the officer who reviewed the application. This can be very helpful in formulating arguments for a subsequent application. 


In order to get the GCMS notes for an application, you have to make a request under the Access to Information and Privacy Act (ATIP). Only Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or an individual or corporation currently in Canada can make an access to information request. There is a small fee required, as well as a form that needs to be completed in order to make the request. Normal processing time is about 30 days, although it can take longer depending on the volume of requests received.


As a registered Canadian corporation and as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), we are able to request your GCMS notes on your behalf, no matter where in the world you are located. We have successfully helped many of our clients to obtain their GCMS notes, review them with the client to explain what it means, formulate strategies for your next application, and even to draft and submit the new application on your behalf. We have put together the following packages to help you get your GCMS notes and support you with your application.

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Package #1
--- Lowest Cost Option ---
This package includes:
  • IRCC Officer's notes sent to you by email as a PDF.
  • The IRCC Officer's notes can help you to determine the status of your application and reasons for rejection.
  • Expected delivery depends on IRCC response time, but normally is around 30 - 35 days.
Package #2
--- $98 CAD Value ---
This package includes:
  • Everything included in package #1, plus:
  • Your full original application package including uploaded documents and correspondence with the IRCC sent by email as a PDF.
  • Review your application to verify what you uploaded.
Package #3
GCMS Notes + Immigration Consultation
--- $279 CAD Value ---
This package includes:
  • Everything included in package #2, plus:
  • Review of application and notes by our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)
  • 40 minute consultation session with our RCIC to explain and discuss the GCMS notes.
Package #4
--- $479 CAD Value ---​
This package includes:
  • Everything included in package #3, plus:
  • Two additional 40 minute consultation sessions to draft and/or review your subsequent application.
Best Value - Professional review by an RCIC + 3 consultation sessions to make your application as strong as possible!

Make sure to order your GCMS notes for your Canadian immigration application. We can get the GCMS data for study permits, work permits, PGWP, or permanent residency (PR) applications. The GCMS notes will give you great insights into the progress of your application, and are especially important if you received a rejection. Choose one of the packages that include professional review and consultation sessions with our RCIC to maximize the value of the service and get professional advice on understanding the GCMS notes and developing a strategy for your next steps.