Our Immigration Services

Ya Hala Canada Immigration provides comprehensive immigration consulting services. Whether you are a foreign national looking to immigrate to Canada, or a Canadian wishing to sponsor a relative, we can help you through the complicated processes, paperwork and documentation required. We also provide support to refugee applicants to help them present their case in a way that highlights their eligibility as refugees.

Getting a permanent residence (PR) visa is only the first step in immigrating to Canada. Therefore, Ya Hala Canada Immigration has partnered with Ebied General Services Ltd. to provide newcomers settlement services. Ebied General Services has been actively helping newcomers to Canada with all their needs for an easy and comfortable start to their new lives in Canada.

Our company also offers our services to those seeking temporary visas to Canada such as international students, temporary workers, and super visas for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens.

​Below is a list of our services:

How We Work With You

We have a clear process for working with our clients to ensure an efficient working relationship that works in the best interest of our clients. Our team will guide you through it step-by-step, but in general, this is how it works:
  1. Client contacts us with an inquiry. If we determine that we can help with the requested matter, we will recommend an initial consultation.
  2. Our team sends an "initial consultation agreement" and an invoice to cover the first session to the client.
  3. The Client signs the agreement and pays the invoice.
  4. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) will then conduct the consultation with the client, answer questions, and help the client to determine the best path forward.
  5. If additional consultation sessions are required, a retainer agreement is signed and an invoice sent as needed.
  6. Our team works with our clients to provide the agreed services.