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Yahala Canada Immigration

Post-Refusal Study Permit Letter of Explanation (Consultation + Drafting)

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The letter of explanation (also known as a study plan) is a critical part of your Canada study permit application. I have drafted hundreds of letters that received visa approvals! I will help you to draft a professional letter of explanation based on the eligibility criteria for approving study permits to help you maximize your chances of approval.

This package is intended for those who have received a previous refusal for a Canadian visa application. If you have previously received a refusal, you will need a more advanced letter that addresses the reasons for the refusal.

You are expected to provide all the required information and supporting documentation that are needed to draft the letter of explanation.

This package includes:

1) 30 minute consultation to discuss our approach for the letter of explanation, how to respond to the reasons for refusal, and how to strengthen the application to overcome the refusal.

2) Drafting of a Letter of Explanation based on the information and documentation you provide.

Once you place your order, our team will send you an electronic service agreement to review and sign. We will then schedule the 30 minute consultation. Afterwards, you will provide us with all relevant information by email, and we will communicate with you by email with any open questions and to collect all required information such as information about yourself, family, education, experience, and study plans. I will then use this information to draft your letter of explanation. The service is usually completed within 5 - 7 days. 

Customer Reviews

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Raghid is a very consultant, who help me to rewrite Post-Refusal Study Permit Letter of Explanation and kindly answer my questions coreectly and quickly. So I have gotten the study permit and have introduced your service and him to my friends, who are preparing the study permit application. Thank you very much!

Very professional thorough service

The counselor gave me some excellent advices and helped to draft an very clear logical study plan, so I highly recommended

Good services

I think your services are professional and great.I have recommand your company to the others.